Chemical Preventive Treatment
(on-load boilers)
Causes for the clogging of heat exchangers and the solutions from the AIT DRIVEX process.
Injection hoses
(on-load boilers)
Specification and installation of the injection hoses on the different types of boilers.
DRIVER type injection equipment
(on-load boilers)
The Chemical Prevention Treatment. Principle of injection equipment.
Principle and description of the various injection equipments
Application controls
The correct spray of the reagents inside the furnace and the combustion gas course is essential.
The Curative Chemical Treatment
(off-load boilers)
The solution to clean and neutralize the heat exchangers by semi-dry way.
The Cleaning of smaller boilers
(domestic boilers running on domestic fuel)
Eliminate the different types of deposits: soot, coal tar, acids sulfates and metallic oxides.
The soot removal of smoke-tube boilers. The ROBOTUBE machine
(Off-load boilers)
Another efficient way to sweep the smoke-tube boilers cleanly.
Treatment of tanked liquid fuels
Fossil liquid fuels (heavy commercial of residuary fuels) are a problem in their stocking as well as in their combustion. Their use means on-line or in-tank treatments.

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